This new wave of AI is a fantastic opportunity to streamline AEC proposal work, but it is crucial to strike a balance between machine and human. Here's how.

AI is evolving at lightning speed, and when it comes to valuable, time-saving tools, the AEC industry has always been at the forefront of innovation and advancement. So how do we use it?

In July we are wearing cat eye glasses, which remind us to step out and stand out.

Who's this? Bryce Benson, Marketing Department Manager for FOCUS Engineering, has a keen sense of humor and a passion for his firm that brings the best out in their engineering practice.

Stepping into the AEC industry as a non-technical marketer was daunting, but after over 20 years of AEC marketing at MARKETLINK, we've gained some crucial insights.

In a position of leadership, organization is more important than ever. Here's your mid-year reminder to check over your marketing materials.

Organization has a reputation that precedes it: while achieving it can be a drag, its benefits are indisputable. A money-saver, time-saver, and sanity-saver, the time to organize your assets is always now.

Artifical Intelligence, or applied statistics, is a tool for efficiency, and it can make a marketer's job easier.

Technical professionals are crucial for a firm's marketing endeavors, but what, specifically, do marketers need to know?

In June we are wearing near-sighted glasses, which help us focus on a firm's internal details.

From analytics and branding to lead generation and social media marketing, we'll delve into the intricacies of each concept, empowering you to elevate your marketing strategies and stay ahead of the competition. Review these marketing terms to get a refresher on the essentials.

Kimberly Johnson, Principal and Marketing Director for Design West Architects, has a thorough and methodical approach to her marketing that marks the success of her firm—and which she has shared with us.

Stephanie Ray, Director of Marketing at Sunrise Engineering, explores how to utilize capital improvement plans to identify public sector projects.

Technical professionals set the strategic plan in motion and make it practical and effective, meaning they provide one of the most important roles in planning.

In May we are wearing polarized glasses, where being prepared allows us to see our goals more clearly.

Whether you use Artificial Intelligence or not, it's on the rise, and understanding what it is and what it might be able to achieve for you is important.

Over 20 years of AEC marketing at MARKETLINK, we've learned several key lessons that keep us flourishing in a dynamic field.

As an AEC firm, it's important to regularly review and assess your marketing plan to ensure its success.

Achieving both effective time management and strong client relationships can feel like a tall order sometimes for AEC technical staff—breaking it all down helps the combination be within reach.

S+B James Construction was contractor and architect for this beautifully designed addition to the existing Coquille Health Clinic on the central Oregon coast.

In April we are wearing mirrored glasses, which have allowed us to see our mistakes and correct them.

If you use InDesign, do you also use a plugin called WordsFlow? Cali Centurion recommends this time- and frustration-saver for all marketers trying to connect with their technical staff.

Advertisements are a precise PR tool aimed toward a targeted audience. When done correctly, ads can be a valuable and effective tool.

Infographics are useful in the AEC industry because they enable marketers to communicate ideas quickly and effectively. Visuals can help highlight key points and important data in a way that is easily identifiable. This approach can be especially useful in technical fields like ours when selection committees are reviewing multiple submissions and you want them to remember your most important data.


Digital marketing is only becoming more prevalent as time goes on. Knowing the jargon is an important step toward understanding its nuances.

Tony Herrera and Michelle Hecht, founders of Northern California architecture firm Enso Designs, created their new company in July 2020 and have been growing steadily since.

Are you wearing square-framed glasses this month? Every side to these glasses means something valuable for your firm.

In March we are wearing square glasses, which help us focus on strong foundations and how we got there.

Over 20 years of AEC marketing, MARKETLINK has seen dramatic shifts in how firms approach marketing. It's been a remarkable journey.

Marketing coordinators play important roles in a firm's marketing plan. A lot depends on the approach, method, and consistent communication. We provide seven recommendations to expand your knowledge and become an invaluable member of your marketing team.


With spring around the corner, now is the time to use our rose-colored glasses to inspire the firm with your strategic plan—and everyone's subsequent role in it.

The new Department of General Services Natural Resources Headquarters in Sacramento marks a major addition to the State of California’s facilities portfolio.

The new Department of General Services Natural Resources Headquarters in Sacramento marks a major addition to the State of California’s facilities portfolio.

In order to do anything meaningful, you have to know where you are going. That's what strategic plans are, but it's important to know what you're talking about, too.

We start the year with a positive outlook for all of you wearing rose-colored glasses!  We love that you’re optimistic about the future and see it as bright and full of hope!

There are three groups of contributors that are critical to aligning any firm’s vision, and we have three corresponding guidances for those contributors.

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