TEKTOK: Publication Terminology for Effective AEC Marketing

Jul 24 2023

In the world of marketing, it's crucial to connect with a broad audience to attract new clients and cultivate a positive public image for your firm. While it's important to be innovative, we can also leverage the robust media and journalistic presence within the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry. By prioritizing PR opportunities offered by publications, you can significantly enhance your outreach efforts. 


Here are some key public relations terminologies with which every AEC marketing professional should be familiar:


Editorial Calendar: Editorial calendars are used by publishers, businesses, and bloggers to plan the creation, publication, and promotion of content across different media channels. AEC marketers should obtain the editorial calendars of publications in which they want to be published, look for topics where they can provide expertise, and submit an article or pitch.


Editing Process: The critical stage between drafting and publication, where materials are refined to ensure they meet the highest standards and effectively represent the parties involved in the coverage.


Media Kit: Also known as a "Press Kit," this collection of promotional materials provides essential information to news media, public relations professionals, and others for the purpose of writing articles, creating marketing content, and more.


Pitch: A concise summary of a project or idea sent to journalists with the aim of capturing their interest and securing press coverage.


Press Page: A dedicated webpage on a business's website that focuses on the company's branding and provides contact information for press inquiries. It may include a company overview, mission statement, core values, and a list of key executives.


Press Release: An official statement, either in written or recorded form, disseminated to news media outlets to communicate important information about significant changes, projects, events, or other noteworthy developments within the organization.


Static Documents: Downloadable content designed for printing or personal viewing, as opposed to live content on a webpage. These documents can include brochures, white papers, case studies, and other materials that are intended to be accessed offline.


By understanding and employing these public relations terminologies effectively, you can maximize your marketing efforts and seize valuable PR opportunities that can bolster your firm's visibility and reputation in the AEC industry and beyond.

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