Amber Craighill, Marketing Director, Principal for BHB Structural


When Amber Craighill says she has always aimed to be a “yes person,” she refers to her desire to seize every opportunity that comes her way. That mindset has been instrumental in her career progression, where she now stands as Marketing Director and Principal for BHB Structural. It’s a delicate balance. The desire to be involved in everything must be measured against her finite resources, but what she does with her finite resources has brought opportunities to BHB as well.


“Becoming a mother has been the most formative experience of my life, shaping me profoundly, personally, and professionally. It's sharpened my focus on what truly matters, driving efficiency and decisiveness in my work.”


Exhibiting character traits she hopes to instill in her children—like integrity, kindness, and humility—is something she considers a tremendous responsibility. “It is motivating and something I see in my firm's culture,” she says. “BHB is a firm of great people who continually strive to improve and do the right thing.”


Her hobbies are reading (she reads 70–100 books a year) and traveling. With a National Parks Pass in hand, she aims to travel to the big five national parks in Utah this year with her family.


As a firm leader, what have you done to educate your technical staff about the importance of their involvement in marketing/business development? How have you provided another point of view?


I recognize the crucial role that technical staff play in the success of our business development efforts. To educate them about the importance of their involvement in marketing and business development, we have implemented the following strategies:


Communication and Training Workshops: I organize regular workshops and training sessions to communicate the significance of marketing and business development in our organization's growth. These sessions cover the broader industry landscape, our firm's strategic goals, and how their contributions directly impact our success. BHB also pays for external professional development memberships and training. Exposure to external perspectives helps broaden their understanding and provides new insights they can bring back to the firm.


Collaborative Cross-Department Initiatives: We encourage collaboration between technical staff and the marketing/business development team. By involving technical experts in proposal development, client meetings, and presentations, they gain firsthand experience in the process and understand the importance of their role in winning projects. A lot of our social media content comes from our technical staff. We get to showcase their hard work, and it's motivating to our team members to see the incredible projects they work on daily.


Open Forums for Discussion: We hold weekly and monthly meetings with managers where they can share their thoughts, concerns, and ideas related to marketing and business development. We also highlight success stories, providing tangible examples of how their involvement can produce positive results. These frequent meetings allow project managers and executives to voice their perspectives, which shapes our firm strategies. 


By adopting these strategies, we aim to give our technical staff a holistic understanding of marketing and business development. By showcasing the benefits and fostering a collaborative environment, we can achieve a more well-rounded and successful team within BHB. 


Is there someone who mentored you that made you view marketing and business development with a new perspective?


BHB President Chris Hofheins has been instrumental in demonstrating the true power of a successful seller-doer. He’s innovative technically and innately good with people. He’s humble, has great instincts, and has a strong moral compass, which makes him a great leader. He’s opened my eyes to how client-focused seller-doers can take firms to the next level. 


How do you get firm leaders on board for your marketing initiatives?


It starts at the top. BHB's founders were highly proactive in their marketing and business development efforts. I've been empowered in my role to develop expectations and hold people accountable. 


How do you show ROI of the marketing program to other firm leaders?


We have come up with metrics that I report on monthly and a more comprehensive report quarterly. The metrics have changed over time, but they have been helpful in quantifying the BHB’s marketing and business development efforts.


What are three tips you give marketing coordinators to help them progress in and magnify their role?


Jump In: Engage with industry organizations such as SMPS, ULI, AIA, and NAIOP. These platforms are treasure troves of knowledge and networking for those new to the field. Dive in, learn, and connect.

 A mentor can be a game-changer. My career in the industry flourished thanks to the guidance I received. Seek out individuals who inspire you and can help transform your job into a fulfilling career.

Ignite Your Passion: You may not be born with a love for architecture, engineering, or construction, but something in your role can spark excitement. Find it, embrace it, and let it drive your growth.

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