Client Relations

Strengthening Client Relationships

The easiest way to obtain work is from existing clients. An effective client relations program serves as the bridge to maintaining contact with your existing clients.


Success can best be achieved by asking your clients specific questions about the service you provide, the trends in their industry, how the competition is performing and insight into your technical staff's capabilities.

Client Relations Services

  • Program development and implementation
  • Program evaluation and recommendations
  • Client debriefings
  • Client perception surveys
  • Staff orientation on client relations
  • Contact database development and management



“Stephanie at MARKETLINK has been working with us for the past several years obtaining feedback from our clients. We value how she is able to create an environment on the phone where clients are comfortable giving us their honest opinions. She knows where and when to probe further, and we learn a lot from her interviews to strengthen our client relationships. It’s been a great working relationship."
- Chuck Hack, Principal, Lionakis


"MARKETLINK has assisted Curtis Miner Architecture in creating a marketing mentality within our firm. With their guidance in marketing, business development, client relations, strategic planning and firm-wide training, we have involved and trained our professionals in marketing at all levels. MARKETLINK helped our entire team realize how their individual involvement in marketing makes a difference."
- Jane Healy, Marketing Assistant, Curtis Miner Architecture


"MARKETLINK’s client relations calls on behalf of W+P have produced incredibly valuable feedback. It helps us understand where we excel from our client’s perspective, what they value in our services, and where we need to improve. Every client has different expectations and these calls help us to understand how we can not only meet their specific project requirements but exceed their highest expectations!"
- Jack Paddon, Williams + Paddon Architects + Planners


“Our firm’s management was approaching a critical transition point with the restructuring of our Principals and Board of Directors. We felt that asking our clients about their perceptions of our firm would be very valuable in helping with our strategic direction. We engaged MARKETLINK to conduct a client perception survey for us. We were very pleased with the results of the survey, specifically the recommendations made in order to implement change within our firm. We have been moving forward with many suggestions made from the report and feel that we have been able to direct the firm toward continued success because of the knowledge we gained in the process.”
- Parry Brown, Reaveley Engineers & Associates, Inc.

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