Business Development

Opening doors to new enterprises

Pivoting in a new direction or expanding your business can be a challenge. We help explore different avenues for growth that align with your firm’s goals and long-term plans.


Our proven business development strategies will open up your business for new relationships or cultivate the ones you already have.

Business Dev Services

  • Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Client Research
  • Scheduling Appointments with Potential Clients
  • Staff Training on Sales Techniques
  • Lead Development and Qualification


"Over the past two and half years we started up a transportation department here at FOCUS. Marketing has been a massive effort to get the department up and running. MARKETLINK has played a very important and vital role in helping us develop an effective and efficient marketing plan. We have established key relationships with clients through the help of MARKETLINK that has helped us with the growth in our department. One of the major hurdles that we were able to overcome with the direction and help of MARKETLINK was being selected onto UDOT’s Pool. MARKETLINK took the time to understand what FOCUS’ needs were and what key projects and team members we have to help make UDOT and our other clients successful. I love the insight and direction that MARKETLINK is able to provide with the massive effort that marketing is."
- Jason Watson, Transportation Department Manager, FOCUS Engineering & Surveying


"Working with MARKETLINK is smooth and easy. Stephanie anticipates and responds to our company needs quickly and always has sound advice that sets us up for success. She makes me look better at my job!."
- Sharlett O’Connor, Marketing Manager, Williams + Paddon Architects + Planners


"We opened a second office in Northern California. MARKETLINK developed a targeted client list for us and made the initial calls to position us for being able to meet with them and start building a relationship. We were able to work with seven new clients that first year and we've continued to work with MARKETLINK in increasing work in both our offices."
- Jeff Martin, formerly with McGinnis Chen Associates

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