Vision-Driven Leaders: AEC Marketing Planning Checklists

Nov 06 2023

The Before, During, and After Checklist for Facilitating a Successful Marketing Planning Session for Your AEC Firm


Conducting a successful marketing strategy session in the AEC industry requires careful planning, effective facilitation, and active participation from key stakeholders. Here is an expanded guide on how to conduct the actual session:




Invite the Right Participants:

Ensure that all relevant stakeholders are invited, including marketing professionals, firm executives, project architects/engineers/managers, and representatives from different departments. Each person should bring unique insights to the table.


Gather Data and Insights:

Collect relevant data such as market research, client feedback, and performance metrics from previous marketing campaigns. Analyze this information beforehand to identify patterns and areas that need improvement.


Create an Agenda:

Develop a detailed agenda outlining the topics to be discussed, the goals of the session, and the time allocated to each agenda item. Share this agenda with participants before the session to give them time to prepare their thoughts.




Set the Tone:

Begin the session by setting a positive and collaborative tone. Emphasize the importance of open communication, active listening, and constructive criticism. Encourage participants to share their perspectives and ideas freely. Suggest cell phones are left off.


Review Objectives and Expectations:

Clearly articulate the session's objectives and what you aim to achieve. Discuss the expectations from the participants, such as evaluating new and upcoming market sectors to target, refining messaging, or identifying target client entities.


Conduct Interactive Activities:

Engage participants through interactive activities like brainstorming sessions, group discussions, or workshops. Encourage participants to work in small groups to generate ideas, which can then be shared with the entire team. Provide tools like whiteboards, sticky notes, or online collaboration platforms to facilitate brainstorming.


SWOT and Competitive Analysis:

Conduct a detailed SWOT analysis collectively. Encourage participants to share their insights on the firm's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Similarly, analyze competitors' strategies and discuss how your AEC firm can differentiate itself effectively.


Define Key Messages and Value Proposition:

Work together to define key marketing messages and your firm's unique value proposition. Discuss how these messages align with the identified target audience and address their specific needs and pain points.


Allocate Resources and Budget:

Based on the discussions, decide how to allocate resources, including budget, manpower, and time, to different marketing initiatives. Prioritize initiatives based on their potential impact and feasibility.




Document the Session:

Ensure detailed notes are taken during the session. Document key discussions, ideas generated, action items, and decisions made. Share these notes with participants after the session for their reference.


Develop an Action Plan:

Based on the session outcomes, create a comprehensive action plan outlining the tasks, responsible parties, deadlines, and resources required. Clearly define the steps to be taken to implement the marketing strategy.


Follow-Up and Accountability:

Schedule follow-up meetings to track the progress of the action items. Assign clear responsibilities to individuals or teams and hold them accountable for their tasks. Regular follow-ups ensure that the planned marketing initiatives are executed effectively.


Measure and Adjust:

Implement measurement tools to track the success of the marketing initiatives. Regularly analyze the performance metrics and be prepared to make adjustments to the strategy based on the real-time data. A data-driven approach ensures that your marketing efforts are continuously optimized for better results.


By following these steps and fostering a collaborative environment, your AEC firm can conduct productive marketing strategy sessions that lead to actionable insights and successful marketing campaigns. Remember, the key to a successful session lies in effective planning, active participation, and a commitment to implementing the outcomes.

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