Create a compelling voice and visual identity

Successful branding delivers a fresh and compelling proposition consistently and methodically over time in everything you do. We partner with companies to originate, substantiate and manage their brands so as to maximize the value of the experiences associated with it.


Our process includes company buy-in; internal and external research; development of branding models and platforms; validation of direction with customers, employees and stakeholders; design of all relevant collateral and materials and a 1- to 2-year implementation plan for communicating and supporting brands. A brand development project is as simple or complex as the client dictates, and each project is structured accordingly. We meet with you, have a meaningful discussion about your project, product or company, then work together to determine how we can best serve you.

Branding Services

  •   Ad Design
  •   Ad Placement
  •   Ad Publication Research
  •   Ad Results Tracking
  •   Targeted Ad Development


"MARKETLINK, as part of the Blue Canopy Team, assisted the City of Green River, Wyoming with developing a new brand for the City as well as for downtown Main Street. We were very pleased with the marketing plan and associated action plan tasks that were provided to us to help us carry the implementation forward for the next 10 years."
- John Dahlgren - City of Green River, Wyoming

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