Market Research

Navigating your way in the right direction

Many firms begin their marketing journey without proper preparation.


Market research will guide you in determining where you can market most effectively and efficiently. You can set your sites on the right geographies, client types and market sectors that will add to your bottom line.

Market Research Services

  • Position analysis of targeted markets, clients, geographies, and industries
  • Client perception surveys
  • Competitive strategy analysis
  • Capture strategy research


"MARKETLINK provided us client and project research that helped us understand the broader market. This understanding helped us focus on where our best opportunities are so we are less reactive and better able to preposition for future pursuits.”
- Dacia Eastin, Business Developer, HGA


"Through in-depth market research of existing and potential clients and competitors, MARKETLINK assisted us in developing a long-term strategy for expanding our services to a broader geographic market. They recommended we focus on outreach to clients and organizations within specific market sectors in locations we previously had not targeted. This guidance was crucial in getting management to see the viability of this endeavor."
- Julee Attig, CPSM, Associate, (formerly) Director of Marketing, Reaveley Engineers

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