Market Research

Navigating your way in the right direction

Many firms begin their marketing journey without proper preparation.


Market research will guide you in determining where you can market most effectively and efficiently. You can set your sights on the right geographies, client types and market sectors that will add to your bottom line.

Market Research Services

  • Position analysis of targeted markets, clients, geographies, and industries
  • Client perception surveys
  • Competitive strategy analysis
  • Capture strategy research


"We approached Keri Hammond with MARKETLINK to conduct market research for our firm to determine the feasibility of opening an office in a new geographic location. Keri exceeded our expectations by uncovering project opportunities and a list of potential clients we were not aware of prior. Her in-depth analysis provided us with the critical insights we needed to make an informed decision. Thanks to Keri's work, we were able to confidently establish our new office, which has since proven to be a successful and valuable addition to our business. We highly recommend Keri and the MARKETLINK team for their exceptional market research services."
- Lisa Simons, Business Development and Marketing | VBFA


"Stephanie, your team did an excellent job for our company. We needed someone who understood our industry and could efficiently pull the market research we needed to make some internal decisions. Your deliverable was timely and it allowed us to make the decisions we needed to make. I greatly appreciate your help."
- Mariel Attento Rhorer, Vice President of Client Development | Twining, Inc.


"MARKETLINK provided us client and project research that helped us understand the broader market. This understanding helped us focus on where our best opportunities are so we are less reactive and better able to preposition for future pursuits.”
- Dacia Eastin, Business Developer | HGA

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