Strategic marketing specialist with a passion for brand building


Two truths and a lie about Principal Stephanie Craft. She was named after a gorilla, she recently earned her MBA, and she’s an in-depth strategic marketing specialist.


The lie is pretty easy to figure out. “My dad concocted this huge story when I was a kid about how I was named after a gorilla from the San Diego Zoo.” Stephanie smiles recounting how she didn’t discover the ruse until many years later. “My mom finally told me when I was in college. Now it’s our family joke.”


What isn’t a joke is Stephanie’s passion for strategic marketing. “I love conducting research. I find those kinds of projects to be the most interesting, fun and challenging,” Stephanie says. “I feel like a detective trying to uncover clues to get the information I’m seeking.” Summarizing all her discoveries succinctly into a final report is a tall task, but she relishes the challenge.


Another truth? Stephanie recently showcased her passion for marketing and strategic vision by earning her MBA. She loved the exposure to different marketing strategies – successful or not – that companies around the country implemented. “It was a great learning experience and broadened my mind beyond what we typically do in the A/E/C industry,” the recent graduate recalls. It also helped her realize the importance of approaching marketing from a business perspective.


An emphasis on the outcome is something that sets her apart. “My focus in planning and implementing strategy starts and ends with the bottom line,” she asserts. She starts with the company’s revenue and goes from there. “I believe a strategy should be borne from a company’s revenue goals and then by developing target market sectors, clients, and projects.”


With a dedication to her craft and an ever-increasing knowledge of marketing principles and strategies, MARKETLINK could not be more pleased to have Stephanie lead our strategic efforts, and that’s the truth.

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