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Have you heard of a quarterly observance that celebrates customers and clients? “Get To Know Your Customers Day” is celebrated on the third Thursday of January, April, July, and October. MARKETLINK challenges you to use this quarterly distinction as a reminder to do one thing to get to know your clients better. We've outlined five actionable, easy-to-implement tips. 


  1. Ask their opinion: Both positive and not-so-positive feedback are opportunities for improving customer experience and adjusting your actions to their needs. Make a phone call to select clients to ask them brief and open-ended questions. By asking for an opinion, you convey how important they are in helping you make improvements. Be sure they know how you are implementing change based on their comments.
  2. Create customer profiles: How can you get to know a client unless you keep track of key factors about them? The Mackay 66 Customer Profile is a detailed yet simple way to learn of target clients’ likes and dislikes, business backgrounds, family and lifestyle details, and special interests. This information might come from trade publications, a receptionist or even the clients themselves. When you ask, listen, and observe, you can begin to build a person-to-person relationship.
  3. Send personalized gifts: When your customer profile is up to date and accurate, use it! Be creative and consider unique gifts or thoughtful gestures that apply to the personal understanding of your client. Consider hobbies and interests, or detailed information about family and friends.
  4. Send a handwritten card: Customers may expect a card during the winter holidays, but they may be surprised to get one on “Get to Know Your Customers Day” or another unique day of the year. This small gesture of appreciation can set you apart.
  5. Highlight client achievements: Spotlight the successes of a client’s business or personal accomplishments with a card or email or even a social media post. By celebrating their milestone events, you can strengthen your relationship.


Use these tips throughout the year to communicate how valuable customers are to you. Happy customers keep your business thriving.

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