Christine Coutts, Regional Pursuit Manager at Psomas is a strategic thinker whose long-term strategies mark the method of a successful marketer in the AEC industry.

Websites and social media go hand in hand, complementing each other's content and traffic. Integrating the two together is optimized marketing.

Bryan McCurdy, VP of Marketing, Business Development, and HR—or “All Things People”—at Hughes General Contractors, Inc., inspires passion, commitment, and joy in the AEC industry, encouraging us to dive into our roles and the community with all our heart.

Writing is a skill any professional benefits from, whether it's a technical professional or principal. Developing and refining that skill can take some work, but it's well worth the attention.

While a lot of marketing is digital, printed collateral still plays an important role in a variety of AEC situations. Learning how to design for print is essential for that collateral's success.

Blogs go a long way toward establishing authority and presence for any AEC firm, but there are some tips and tricks covered by blogging terminology that will give you a leg up.

We've created a small list of some of the most essential Client Relations concepts in the AEC industry. Take a look to see if you're familiar.

Holin Wilbanks, Business Development for Forge Contractors, fosters collaborative success in the AEC industry with her comprehensive expertise and innovative strategies.

Our co-founder, Keri Hammond, was featured in UC&D magazine's October issue this year. From it, you can learn more about her marketing journey, insights, and how MARKETLINK has been shaped over the past 20 years.

For those who have little time and mobility but desire certification or a stronger educational foundation, online learning is not only available but robust with resources for the AEC industry.

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