Bryan McCurdy, VP of Marketing, Business Development, & HR “All Things People” | Hughes General Contractors, Inc.


Bryan McCurdy is a uniquely qualified professional with depth of experience inclusive of Business, Hospitality, Entertainment, Finance, Human Resources and Marketing. A combination as unconventional as that may be, he is often referred to as the “All Things People” guy. He has a passion for genuinely serving others, relationship building and enjoys working within the AEC industry. He is known for his engaging presentation style, boisterous laugh, infectious enthusiasm and charisma. With 17 years in the industry, he has held positions managing corporate assets, developing talent, and public relations. He has been with Hughes for over eight years and is now the Vice President of Marketing, Business Development and Human Resources.


Can you share with us the kick-off moment of your career in the industry?


I was fortunate enough to have incredible individuals that could see my potential beyond what I could see in myself. I was given an opportunity to head up the marketing department at a smaller construction firm and just ran with it. I was allowed to hire a consultant who gave me a significant amount of information and patience as she led me along. I took what I learned and continued to build on that knowledge.


Do you have a mentor in the industry who has been like a coach to you?


I have two:
Rebecca Servoss of Scopious Marketing
Tim Putnam of EDA Architects—thanks to the SMPS Mentorship program


Where is your hometown?


North Salt Lake, UT


As a rookie in life, what career goal were you aiming for?


An attorney, a doctor, etc. I didn’t care much but wanted lots of money and a corner office. Wrong intentions, I know.


Reflecting on your first month in the industry, what game plan advice would you give to your rookie self?


It doesn’t have to be perfect to be a great idea. Work with it anyway!


What drives you to give your best performance each day at work?


I am motivated by relationships. I have met some outstanding individuals as well as some great examples of who not to become. At the end of the day, I like knowing that my contributions make a difference to the organization, the committees that I am involved in, and of course the people.


What podcast(s) do you tune into most frequently to get in the zone?


American Scandal—it feeds something in me.


What are your most used emojis?


Personal favorites are ?,?, ?, and ?


Is there anything else you would like the industry to know about your play style?


I like to live on the edge of irreverence and enjoy a great laugh.


Bryan's journey underscores a valuable lesson for all of us: great achievements often start with the courage to take the first step, imperfect as it may be. A heartfelt thank you to Bryan for inspiring us to dive into our work and communities with passion and commitment, reinforcing the idea that true success is measured not just by the outcomes, but by the satisfaction and joy we discover along the way in our careers.

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