Why Are Square Glasses Important to Vision-Driven Leaders in the A/E/C Industry?


This month we focus on the A/E/C industry’s Vision-Driven Leaders wearing square glasses. Why are these important? Because square glasses have four sides to them, and each side represents an area of their firm in which to focus. Let’s start with the most important, the bottom frame.


Bottom Frame


The bottom frame represents your firm having a solid, firm foundation or focusing on what matters most in your firm. It could be related to marketing and business development, such as growing your technical staff in these two areas, or it could be operational, such as solving internal dilemmas related to growth or coming back into the office from Covid, or it could be financial, such as managing cash flow or how best to reinvest in the company. Regardless of the challenges your company faces, every Leader can sharpen their focus by wearing square-framed glasses to evaluate the foundation of their company and its most important issues.


Side Frames


Side frames provide the proper spacing between the top and bottom frames of square glasses in order to provide clear, precise vision. Top and bottom frames that are too close together or too far apart distort the user’s vision. To keep the proper perspective as we wear our squared-framed glasses this month, Vision-Driven Leaders in the A/E/C industry need to maintain the proper space (and time) to be able to evaluate the inner workings of their company. Taking time away from the office allows Leaders to ponder what’s most important—the foundation of their company—and creatively consider solutions, directions, and initiatives that will be most important to their future success.


Top Frame


The top frame is the icing on the cake! Sure, the bottom frame and sides will hold the entire lens in place, but don’t the glasses just look better with a top frame in place? Just as the bottom frame represents the foundation of our companies, the top frame provides what makes our companies places people want to work. We don’t have to create a culture where people want to come to work, but if we do, isn’t it so much better? Staff retention goes up, recruiting gets easier, and people are generally happier at work. Consider what the top frame is for your office—Friday lunches? Holiday potlucks? Birthday parties? Sporting events? Or maybe even the occasional beer bust. See what your employees love about working at your company and take the opportunity to up your game!

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About The Author

Stephanie Craft, MBA

Stephanie Craft, MBA, has worked in the A/E/C industry for more than 30 years. Her marketing strengths lie in researching and opening new doors for technical firms by getting directly to decision-makers and influencers, and obtaining and using client feedback to help firms differentiate themselves and strengthen client loyalty through targeted strategic efforts. She also works with firm leadership to evaluate in-house marketing and business development efforts to optimize staff processes and procedures. Stephanie has been a featured speaker at many AEC professional society meetings and has been selected “Chapter President of the Year” twice by the national Society for Marketing Professional Services for her management expertise serving as President of the Utah and Sacramento Chapters.

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