Sharpen Your Skills with Online Learning Resources for the AEC Industry and Marketing


The digital landscape is evolving, and with it comes an unprecedented opportunity for learning. The advancement of online education has transformed it into a valuable tool, providing AEC engineers, architects, and marketers with a plethora of tools to hone their skills. 


This might seem overwhelming if you're accustomed to traditional classrooms, but you're in good hands. MARKETLINK has sifted through an abundance of online resources that specialize in AEC and marketing to bring you the best of the best.


Online learning, or e-learning, caters to a global audience by breaking down geographical barriers, offering high-standard education with some free and some paid options. These resources provide certifications, degrees, and much more, making quality education available at your fingertips.


AEC Daily: A powerhouse of AEC-centric learning, AEC Daily offers hundreds of courses that span multiple categories. Rated on a sustainability scale and registered with leading industry associations, these courses range from webinar sessions to self-paced online courses.


aecKnowledge: This collaborative platform allows AEC industry members to share their expertise via validated and credited "continuing education" courses. It also provides a wealth of insights and perspectives from a diverse set of industry professionals.


Alison: Boasting 335 courses in Sales & Marketing, Alison delivers a broad spectrum of courses to enhance your knowledge of online marketing. Its highlight is the Diploma in E-Business, known for its deep dive into Google marketing.


ClickMindedA sought-after platform for digital marketing, ClickMinded provides both Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and full courses.


Coursera: Known for its diverse learning pathways, Coursera's Digital Marketing Specialization offers modules that delve into both digital and offline marketing. This bundle is credit-approved through iMBA.


Digital Marketing Institute: For those eyeing a Masters of Science degree in Digital Marketing, DMI offers a comprehensive two-year remote learning program on an engaging, state-of-the-art platform. The curriculum requires a relevant bachelor’s degree.


Digiteers: With a focus on intensive courses covering the key areas of digital marketing, Digiteers promotes live, discursive learning.


LinkedIn Learning: LinkedIn also offers course and skill-based learning, tailored according to your career trajectory, which includes marketing and AEC-related paths.


Skillshare: For exclusive marketing classes taught by industry experts, Skillshare is a great resource.


Vector Solutions: Offering industry-standard courses related to the AEC industry, Vector Solutions is a comprehensive resource.


As pioneers in AEC marketing, MARKETLINK understands the importance of continuous learning. Whether it’s learning a new software or upskilling your digital marketing expertise, these resources will aid your growth and advancement. The knowledge is out there, all you need to do is reach for it.

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