When I was in college, I took a class that discussed how each of us functions in our daily lives through a particular frame of reference. We were taught that how we see life in general and any particular situation is based upon a unique lens all our own. That lens, or frame of reference, is formed from our childhood and from every experience following it. It’s why each of us can have such different perspectives on the same situation and see things so differently—because we are looking through a lens that’s been colored by our own life experience.


In 2023 we are going to share with you a variety of glasses or lenses through which you can view your own professional experience, whether you lead the company or are charting your career path forward, or are just entering the industry.


We start the year with a positive outlook for all of you wearing rose-colored glasses!  We love that you’re optimistic about the future and see it as bright and full of hope! We will explore how to share that energy to get everyone on board with where you are going this year; how can you share your strategic plan and excite everyone to see their role in it, and what the potential is for the firm’s growth and success.


View our original article with all 11 lenses we'll present throughout the year. 


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About The Author

Stephanie Craft, MBA

Stephanie Craft, MBA, has worked in the A/E/C industry for more than 30 years. Her marketing strengths lie in researching and opening new doors for technical firms by getting directly to decision-makers and influencers, and obtaining and using client feedback to help firms differentiate themselves and strengthen client loyalty through targeted strategic efforts. She also works with firm leadership to evaluate in-house marketing and business development efforts to optimize staff processes and procedures. Stephanie has been a featured speaker at many AEC professional society meetings and has been selected “Chapter President of the Year” twice by the national Society for Marketing Professional Services for her management expertise serving as President of the Utah and Sacramento Chapters.

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