Our Perspective—Reflecting on 20 Years of MARKETLINK

Apr 17 2023

Reflecting on 20 Years of MARKETLINK: Insights and Lessons for Success


Over the course of 20 years since the establishment of MARKETLINK, and with more than 35 years of experience marketing in the AEC industry, I have acquired valuable insights as a freelance consultant. Here are some key lessons I’ve learned along the way:


  1. Prioritize Relationship Building: Building strong relationships is crucial in the AEC industry. I’ve found that networking through organizations like SMPS and staying in touch with former colleagues has helped me serve clients from different locales. These relationships have provided opportunities for me to collaborate with others and expand my professional network.

  2. Stay a Lifelong Learner: In a constantly evolving industry, staying up to date with new trends and skills is essential. Pursuing certifications, training programs, and other educational opportunities has helped me remain competitive and deliver top-notch service to clients.

  3. Find and Be a Mentor: Mentors have played a vital role in my professional growth. Seeking advice from those with more experience has helped me identify areas for growth and development. Additionally, being a mentor and sharing my knowledge with others has been a rewarding experience.

  4. Adapt to Change: Being adaptable is key to thriving in the AEC industry. Embracing new challenges and learning new processes and programs can expand your skill set and help you succeed in different environments.

  5. Develop Leadership Skills: There are many different types of leadership styles, so finding one that works for you is important. For me, managing teams and overseeing projects has been a successful approach. Communication, delegation, and accountability are essential skills for any AEC leader.

  6. Think Strategically: Having a strategic mindset can help you make informed decisions and analyze data to identify trends. This skill is particularly valuable when developing marketing campaigns or launching new initiatives.

  7. Maintain a Work-Life Balance: Balancing professional and personal responsibilities is important for overall well-being. As a freelance consultant, I’ve found that setting boundaries and prioritizing self-care has helped me maintain a fulfilling personal life while still achieving success in my career.


By prioritizing relationship building, continuous learning, adaptability, leadership development, strategic thinking, and work-life balance, I’ve been able to navigate the AEC industry successfully. I hope these lessons serve as valuable insights for others looking to excel in this dynamic field.


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About The Author

Keri Hammond, FSMPS, CPSM

Keri is a long-standing trailblazer in the Utah AEC industry. Clients appreciate her ability to get things done – they know she does whatever it takes, with integrity, to help them build their business. Keri is known for her leadership and diplomacy; she motivates others with positivity, trust, and unwavering support.

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