Meet our Guest Specialist: Veronica Kelly, Web Developer


Thinking your firm’s website could use a refresh? Like anything online, web design trends and web development technologies are ever evolving. Veronica Kelly has ten years of web development experience. We asked her to share website trends, features and technologies.


Performance Optimization – Clients need a website that does more than look good. Your website can’t just be visually compelling, it’s also got to load quickly; no one wants the high bounce rate or the lower Google rating that comes from slow page load times. With nearly 60% of all online searches coming from mobile devices, we’re using tools like Cloudfare Caching and Wordpress plug-ins to help reduce page load speeds as much as possible.


Functionality – The hero image on a home page is still an eye-grabbing design element but the days of “above the fold” content and linking to new pages are over. As functionality evolves, we’ve seen user habits change. Long scrolling, single-page websites mean a smooth and seamless scrolling experience is a necessity.


Content – Remember, content is the reason a user is visiting your website. You’ve got to have compelling content to pull the reader down the page, and you’ve got to have keyword-rich content to increase your search engine optimization.

Research – One of the most important factors in creating successful websites is strong industry knowledge. Website developers rely on research for their web strategy and user journeys.


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