Marketing Madness: AEC Edition - Championship Game!

We've battled through proposals, presentations, and lead generation strategies. Now, in the climactic championship game of Marketing Madness: AEC Edition, we face off with two heavyweights: Content Distribution and Building Relationships.  

Content Distribution: Getting Your Message Out There

Creating stellar content is just half the battle. You need a winning distribution strategy to ensure your message reaches the right audience at the right time. Here are some slam dunks for AEC content distribution:  

  • Targeted Social Media: Don't just post everywhere! Tailor your content and platforms to resonate with specific AEC client segments.
  • Industry Publications: Contribute guest articles or thought leadership pieces to establish your firm as an expert.
  • Email Marketing: Segment your audience and nurture leads with targeted email campaigns featuring valuable content. Link the content back to your website for maximum SEO success.

Building AEC Client Relationships: From Leads to Loyal Clients

AEC Business Development activities are the ultimate end game; it's about building and maintaining long-term relationships. Here's how to turn leads into loyal clients:

  • Personalization is Key: Take the shot. Use data to personalize interactions and demonstrate genuine interest in potential and existing clients and their upcoming projects. Develop a client profile for top clients. Include personalized information about your clients so you remember important details that will help you make more impactful relationships.
  • Nurture, Don't Pressure: Consistent communication with valuable interactions keeps your firm top-of-mind with clients without being pushy. Develop at 12-Contact Plan for top existing and potential clients. Plan out 12 proactive business development activities with dates and deadlines.
  • Client Testimonials are Gold: Showcase positive client experiences to build trust and social proof.

Who Will Be Crowned the Marketing Madness Champion?

The winner depends on your specific goals. Content distribution gets your message out there, while relationship building fosters long-term success that lead to project wins. Consider integrating both for a truly dominant AEC marketing strategy!


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