TEKTOK: AEC Strategic Planning Terminology

Nov 01 2021

The AEC Marketing Professionals’ Guide to Strategic Planning Terms


There are many minor differences between one term and another when it comes to strategic planning. A goal is different from an objective, but how? Brush up on the distinctions here. You’ll want to bookmark this article.


Action Plans

The step-by-step processes designed to achieve organizational goals, implemented to be achieved within a given time frame.


Direct Marketing

Marketing that involves face-to-face contact, whether that’s tradeshows, brown bag lunches, or AEC client association participation.


External Opportunities

Finding out new business opportunities and approaches through research, client reviews, and marketing analyses.



What strategic marketing sessions build the plan around, defined to create actionable plans.


Indirect Marketing

Involves less hands-on touchpoints, wherein the client interacts with advance marketing—website, social media, direct mail, collateral, advertising, and public relations to name a few.



Starting a plan, a first step, or an introductory move through action or strategy; enacted by an individual or more to achieve a goal.


Mission Statement/Mission

The stated purpose of the AEC organization; its distinctive identity and essence. The purpose should align with the actions of the firm and what it sets out to achieve.



Action points or events occurring in different phases of a strategic action plan, executed in an orderly fashion with a fixed timeline.



What the organization is planning to achieve; distinct from “goals” by being more defined and concrete. Should be directly and definitively achieved through an action plan.



The end results achieved after implementing processes in AEC strategic planning; to be analyzed for future strategic planning sessions and inform the current session. OR a planned expectation/end result that validates the strategic plan, where every action throughout the plan aims to achieve the highest value.


Priority Areas

The key areas that must be addressed to accomplish the firm’s goals and objectives.



High-level techniques and activities implemented to achieve an outcome, objective, milestone, or goal.


Success Indicators

Specific performance measurement processes, defined by the team to be searched for throughout the plan. An indication that the plan will be achieved.


Target Clients

The people you've identified as most likely to employ a firm’s services and the focus of their marketing initiatives.



Beliefs, standards, or principles that guide the organization in accomplishing its mission.


Visibility Plan

A plan that incorporates the many ways a firm is seen by its clients and potential clients—including public relations, social media, and website.



The desired end state for the firm or its mission.



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