EXECUTE: Mind Your Manners! Eight Tips for Professional Social Media Etiquette

Jun 13 2022

Are you the gatekeeper for your firm’s social media marketing?If so, make sure you mind your manners and practice “netiquette.”Your manners matter in all aspects of online communication.


If you use social media sites regularly, observing good etiquette can help you avoid negative social consequences. 


What is AEC Social Media Etiquette?


Social media etiquette addresses the dos and don’ts of social media marketing. The main goal behind netiquette on social media is to protect your firm’s online reputation. Each social platform has different parameters that should be understood and followed.


Tips to Mind Your Manners on Social Media


Sharing is Caring


The first rule you are taught when you are young is to share.This same concept is important in the world of AEC social media marketing. As marketers, our job is to “market.” It is very tempting to self-promote/firm-promote without realizing you are doing so. Share your content but remember to also share content from others.Focusing on clients, vendors, consultants, or contractors, etc. is a good way to tap into industry resources. When you share content from others, they are more likely to share or engage with you. 


No One Likes a Blabber Mouth


Remember that no one likes someone that dominates any conversation.The same goes for social media.Creating content that is short, concise, and impactful is important. 


Don’t Be a Copycat


Your audience comes to your social platform to learn what is important to you and your firm.Make sure to use original content when appropriate.However, when sharing content, don’t plagiarize. It is hard to share and create new content every time; if you do use other’s content, just mention the creator or source in your post.You can request permission or share it while giving credit where credit is due. 


Color in the Lines


No scribbling. No coloring out of lines. Make sure your visual content is on point. Content produces results only when it is combined with good visual design. 


Don’t Indulge (in Hashtags)


Hashtags can be helpful in promoting your brand when used properly. But they can also add unnecessary chaos to your posts. Use them wisely to create a content library and make your posts more discoverable. 


Always RSVP


Don’t ignore requests or opportunities to engage. No one wants to be ignored. When you get a new follower, or someone comments, remember to respond. Take a moment to review the contact’s profile and then decide if you want to follow back or accept the invitation. They may be a valuable network connection or lead. 


Be Honest


Be fully transparent and honest with all your content. 


Pay Attention


Assign channel champions: Assign one person on your team to focus on a particular channel—your channel champion. This approach will help your social media avenue have a more consistent voice, eliminate redundancies, and help you alleviate workload from your team. By having one person pay attention to one channel, you will be more effective.


Do you follow social media etiquette?


As an AEC marketing professional responsible for your firm’s online presence, following these easy-to-follow suggestions for etiquette will help you maintain your professionalism. 


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