SMPS Sacramento Public Panel Recap


Principal Stephanie Craft attended the SMPS Sacramento Luncheon recently, where a panel made up of three public sector staff discussed what they valued most in consultants. Here are the top three take-aways.


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Focus on Quality

Quality is crucial, starting with quals and proposals. One panelist indicated that if they receive a proposal with the wrong client agency listed, they set it aside immediately; it doesn’t go into their “A” pile. They can tell immediately when a proposal is being reused and the consultant didn’t take the time to proofread to make sure the agency name is correct, let alone the other details that are in it. Seeing mistakes in the proposal makes a strong impression of the quality of work the consultant puts out. One recommendation is that consultants dedicate a Quality Control person to review all drawings before they leave the office to make sure they are correctly coordinated.


Communicate and Be Humble

One panelist acknowledged that while they may need to work on their own communication skills better, overall, they feel like consultants leave meetings without having truly listened to what the clients need and or confirming expectations. Having a humble attitude and an approach of service helps overcome that.


Read our three tips for active listening.


Be Responsive

This panelist is tired of having to track down his consultants for project updates or status when they should proactively call the client with an update or to get the information they need. Consultants are brought in for their expertise and to help the workload of the agency; if agency staff, who is already very busy, must take the time to track down consultants, it’s not much help to them.


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