What Does Brand Mean to an Architecture, Engineering, or Construction Firm?

Across the AEC industry, many firms have come a long way in understanding what a brand encompasses. Most of us realize that a new name, icon, or logo will not create a new brand for our firm. Creating an “All In” mentality is crucial to forming the brand message necessary to make a lasting impression on clients, staff, consultants, vendors, and the community at large. The ultimate goal is for every person who interacts with anyone at the firm, in any capacity, to have a structured, consistent, and carefully orchestrated experience.

There is a role for everyone in the firm when it comes to accomplishing this important task. Where can you help?

ADVISE: Firm Principals Can Identify and Control Your Brand. All in all, when you hear “brand,” you should think about every facet of your firm. Every impression you, your staff, service, and messaging leave shapes your brand in each client, employee, consultant, and contractor you have. Make sure employees know your brand and know it’s important, so they can work with branding in mind. Consistent and positive impressions will leave contacts with not just a good opinion but will give your firm a strong brand from both the outside and inside. Every detail matters.

ENGAGE: Technical Staff Can Brand the Service You Provide. Every interaction you make matters, from a phone call to the way you wrap up a project interaction. Every technical staff member should be providing the same core service principles to every client. Be consistent. Make it structured. Treat your clients, peers, and staff in line with the company’s vision. Every point of contact should be consistent and encouraging, not bland and confusing. How do you want to be perceived? Embody that.

LEAD: Directors Can Communicate Your Brand. Work to make your clients, employees, and everyone with whom you have contact know who you are and what you stand for. That starts with you. If you don’t know your own brand, no one else will either. If you don’t shape your brand, others will for you, and it’s a lot more work rebuilding than it is building what you want from the start. Know now and communicate it on every level. Create brand guidelines that clearly outline what your brand means, what it looks like, and how it should be communicated.

EXECUTE: Coordinators Will Brand Your Communications. Marketing takes a lot of work! It pays off exponentially when you have a brand that matters. Every message you deliver—even passively—is essential. Know what your voicemails sound like. Is your website difficult to navigate? Is each blog articles consistent in professionalism and tone? Communicate with intention and screen every level of communication through branding intentions. If everything matches up, you’ll find your brand is communicated with confidence.


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