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Did you know that branding is a key component of customer service? Technical professionals who interact with customers, vendors, staff, and consultants day in and day out are the critical backbone of a firm’s solid brand.


Here are three ways to brand your service as a technical professional:


Save your design skills for your clients. For designers, this one can be tough. Most AEC firms these days have a strong suite of branded templates for everything from plans and specifications to studies and collateral. Use these branded documents and infuse your design skill into providing a project solution for your client. It’s a win-win: the client gets all your passion and skill and is reminded of your firm’s brand through review of quality documents.


Know what you represent. If you’re not sure what your firm’s mission, values or goals are, ask. It’s important that you know who you’re working for and what makes your firm different.


Lead a good impression. Every interaction matters, from your phone calls to your kick-off meetings to the way you wrap up a project. Think beyond your clients: treat your vendors, peers, and staff appropriately. Every point of contact should consistently reinforce the company’s brand. Leave a good impression, then make that same good impression time and time again.


No other type of team member has more influence on a firm’s overall brand than the technical staff. Your influence with clients gives the most accurate assessment of the firm’s culture and ultimately influences whether or not an owner or client will work with the firm again. Be mindful of the firm’s direction and guidance on client service and strive to provide that experience with every client on every project.


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