Strategies to establish a company of rainmakers


Whether you call it internal marketing, marketing mentality, or creating a culture of rainmakers, it’s a straightforward concept critical to the AEC industry: Training and motivating client-contact employees and support staff to work as a team to ensure client satisfaction. From your receptionists and senior drafters or surveyors to department managers and even the president of the firm, getting everyone to participate in strategic marketing directives can drive your company forward.


But what are some ways a firm can go from zero internal marketing efforts to a well-regimented unit of employees with marketing skills?


Create a Culture of Continuing Education

Make continuing education a part of your firm’s culture. This can only be done with true buy-in from the Principals of the firm and leading by example is the best way to get others on board. Be sure the people you recruit fit your company culture. It is much easier to train a person who wants to learn than it is to change a person’s mind about learning.


Establish a Training Program

Whether you buy lunch for your staff and bring in an outside expert or invite your team to bring their own lunch and hold an informal discussion, the most important factors are consistency and top-down participation. In order to create a program that will truly motivate staff members, involve them in the process. A brainstorming session of training topics could be a productive way to use your first marketing training session.


Include Marketing in Performance Reviews

If staff members realize that marketing is part of their job description, and the office has provided a forum for them to be educated, they will jump on the marketing bandwagon. Many of them want to market but they just don’t know how. Also knowing it is part of their yearly evaluation will provide a boost of interest and dedication.


Use Training Sessions to Further your Strategic Plan

Schedule some of the training sessions to gather valuable information that can be utilized in your strategic planning process. From discussing your competition and your positioning strategies to creating a list of past clients to include in a client relations program, these sessions can be invaluable in setting yearly goals or meeting objectives.


There are many advantages to internal marketing. Not only will your employees increase their knowledge and marketing performance, but you can create a company of rainmakers.

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