We Recommend: Grateful - A Gratitude Journal

Nov 07 2019

Grateful: A Gratitude Journal

In this holiday season, many of us take more time to be grateful and to express our gratitude. At MARKETLINK, we’re even implementing a 10-Day Gratitude Challenge! If this idea appeals to you but you need a prompt to remember to record your daily moments of appreciation, try being grateful with Grateful: A Gratitude Journal app by treebetty. Grateful provides a space for users to write about what they are grateful for each day.

Grateful provides the reminder; all you have to do is answer. Type as much as or as little as you like: one simple word. A paragraph. A rambling novella. Grateful allows for all.

We love the prompt options with the app. Every day can be such a whirlwind of events: Meetings, parties, assignments, you name it. Instead of being paralyzed by the number of choices to write about, Grateful asks questions to help inspire thankfulness. For people with more experience with gratitude journals, Grateful also allows for creating custom prompts. It also allows for adding photos and files.

Grateful is designed to make expressing gratitude easy and remembering those moments joyful. No frills, all spills--of gratitude!

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