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If your firm is like most, you may not have the resources to undertake a full-fledged public relations initiative. However, you might be surprised by the activities you can use as a public relations opportunity. By prioritizing the direction of your public relations plan, you can ensure you are getting the return on investment (ROI) expected from your firm leaders.


It may be hard to determine which efforts will be most rewarding for your firm. Pick the tactics that will work best with your marketing strategies, within your budget and timeframe. We’ve organized some of the most useful public relations tools by marketing strategy:


PR for Business Development Efforts


  • Submitting press releases
  • Publishing feature articles in publications your client reads
  • Speaking at client-oriented conferences
  • Sponsoring client-oriented conferences
  • Sending direct mail/e-mail campaigns to existing or potential clients


PR for Client Relations Efforts


  • Holding client appreciation events
  • Participating in a client-sponsored event or charity
  • Submitting an award in the name of the client
  • Featuring or interviewing a client for your website and/or social media


PR for Billable or Job-Related Efforts


  • Wearing project swag (job signs, branded hard hats, logo masks, vests/jackets, etc.)
  • Promoting milestone events (groundbreaking, topping off, grand opening)
  • Holding project tours with owner participation
  • Posting features to the website or social media


Once you know the direction you’ll take, create your written plan. Be sure to include goals, objectives, action items, a schedule, and a budget. As you complete your goals, check to see what worked and what didn’t, and adjust moving forward. This will help you stay on track, watch your progress, and celebrate your successes!


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