You Appreciate Your Clients - Show Them!

The famous English author, Gladys Brownwyn Stern, remarked: “Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone.” And we at MARKETLINK could not agree more. Throughout the year, many of us look at ways we can express our thanks to our clients in a meaningful and genuine way. We can help.

Here are five ways to express your appreciation to your clients:

  1. Send a hand-written note of appreciation to your client. Note a specific reason why you have valued them this past year.
  2. Donate to a charity or your client’s alma mater in their name.
  3. Hold a special client appreciation lunch. Let each client know that you personally value their patronage.
  4. Send a gift subscription for a publication that you know your client has a personal interest in, rather than just professional.
  5. Offer a complimentary or reduced-rate service that you know a particular client would value.


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About The Author

Stephanie Craft, MBA

With over three decades of proven experience in effective business development and client relations practices, Stephanie brings a thoughtful, strategic approach to every new engagement. She has developed a reputation for producing successful proposals, discovering talented recruits, and coaching for unbeatable presentations.

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