When a List isn't just AnyList


Some of us here at MARKETLINK recently discovered yet one more thing we have in common – we are lovers of AnyList! It makes sense; we’re all trying to balance our work and home life. What makes it easier than an app that allows for endless list-making?


AnyList is primarily known for its ease of sharing and organizing grocery lists and recipes, and truth be told that is exactly why we love it. You can easily save recipes from the web into the app, organize them, share them, and access them at any time. No more pulling out the recipe book to make your Grandma’s apple pie. No need to look at different websites for your favorite pork chops recipe and the mashed potatoes you love to serve with them - just pull up all three recipes on your iPhone or Android. And you can click on ingredients from any recipe to add them directly to your grocery list.


AnyList is just as easily used for any list you can think of: to-dos, must-see movies, books you want to read (perhaps the latest from the MARKETLINK book review).


Sure, it’s a simple app. But that is what makes it so powerful. The ability to effortlessly share recipes, grocery lists, and tasks in an easy-to-read and pre-organized form is like manna from heaven. Create lists on the fly, add items on the fly, check off items on the fly. It really is that easy. AnyList also allows for adding by voice app!


AnyList is free, but the really powerful version, AnyList Complete, is $14.99 a year and allows sharing as well as access from your computer.

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