Welcome to 2024 at MARKETLINK, where we're rolling out our "Game Plan" theme, designed to tackle the real-world challenges and opportunities within the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry. We understand that our community is diverse, with each member playing a unique role in shaping the industry. That's why we've tailored our content into three distinct categories, each addressing the needs and aspirations of different AEC professionals.


Leadership League: For Principals and Marketing and Business Development Leaders


You're at the forefront, making the big decisions and guiding your firm into the future. Our Leadership League content is crafted just for you. This year, we'll dive into the nitty-gritty of what it means to lead in the AEC sector. We'll share real stories of leadership challenges and triumphs, provide insights into market trends, and offer tips on nurturing a team that's as driven as you are. Expect candid articles, thought-provoking discussions, and practical advice that resonates with your daily experience and long-term vision.


Technical Team: For Technical Professionals


You're the experts in the field, turning ideas into tangible realities. Our Technical Team category acknowledges the technical grit and creativity you bring to the table. We're focusing on how you can showcase your projects, make your expertise understood and appreciated, and keep up with the technical trends that are reshaping the industry. Our articles will be your go-to for understanding how your thought leadership fits into the broader market picture and how you can communicate your value more effectively.


Coordinator Crew: For Marketing Coordinators


You're the ones who get things done, ensuring that plans move smoothly from concept to completion. Our Coordinator Crew category is all about empowering you with skills, ideas, and tools that make a real difference. We'll share stories from other coordinators, tips on juggling multiple projects, and the latest in digital marketing and project management tools. We're here to make your job easier and more fulfilling, with content that's directly applicable to your daily tasks and long-term career growth.


We know that in the AEC industry, no two days are the same, and no two professionals have the same needs. Our Game Plan theme for 2024 is about recognizing and celebrating this diversity. We're committed to delivering content that's not just informative, but also engaging, relatable, and, most importantly, genuinely useful. So, as we step into this year, we invite you to join us. Tell us what you want to read about, share your challenges and successes, and let's make this a collaborative journey. Together, we'll build strategies that aren't just game plans but roadmaps to real success and satisfaction in our work. Reach out to us at MARKETLINK; let's make 2024 a standout year for every member of our AEC community.

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