Technical Team: Crafting Winning Project Descriptions for Proposals in the AEC Industry


Just like in sports, where every move and strategy counts, creating engaging project descriptions in the Architecture, Engineering, and Contruction (AEC) industry is crucial. These descriptions highlight your firm's technical and aesthetic achievements, showcasing your expertise and competitive edge. Here’s your playbook for writing effective project descriptions that score high in proposals.


Kick Off with the Basics


Project Title and Location

Start strong with a clear project title and location to set the context right from the beginning.


Client and Stakeholders

Name key players such as the client and stakeholders to add credibility and show teamwork.


Project Type and Scale

Describe the project type and scale, including size (building square footage, site size), whether it’s new construction, renovation, or expansion, and additional size factors like levels or multiple structures.


Set Clear Objectives and Scope


Purpose and Goals

Define the project's purpose and goals. Detail the major tasks and deliverables, and highlight construction types (e.g., steel frame, wood), intended function, and noteworthy activities like VDC/BIM utilization or value engineering. Make clear what problems the project solves and what needs it addresses.


Highlight the Game Plan


Design and Planning

Discuss design and planning stages, innovative approaches, and technologies used.


Challenges and Solutions

Describe obstacles encountered and solutions implemented. Include specifics on demolition, excavation, new vs. renovated areas, and additional structures like parking or site work. This section showcases your problem-solving skills and adaptability.


Celebrate the Victory


Final Deliverables

Highlight the final deliverables and how they met or exceeded expectations. Use metrics and data to substantiate your claims. Mention sustainability elements such as LEED certification or other green building practices.


Visual Documentation

Include high-quality images and renderings to visually demonstrate the project's aesthetic and functional aspects.


Reflect on the Impact


Community and Environmental Benefits

Discuss the broader impact of the project, including community and environmental benefits. Highlight sustainability efforts and social responsibility initiatives. This section underscores the positive contributions of the project beyond its immediate objectives.


Tailor for the Audience


Know Your Fans

Tailor your project descriptions to meet the specific interests and needs of the proposal reviewers. For potential clients, focus on the benefits and outcomes of the project. Highlight technical details and innovative practices to demonstrate expertise. Adjust the length and depth of the content depending on the proposal requirements.


Highlight the Team’s Play


Notable Services Provided

Detail any notable services provided, such as preconstruction activities, VDC/BIM utilization, and value engineering. Mention the project delivery method (e.g., CM, CM/GC, design-build) to provide context on how the project was executed.


Showcase Unique Plays and Innovations


Innovative Systems and Technologies

Highlight any innovative or state-of-the-art systems or technologies used, atypical materials, and unique construction methods. Mention if any work was self-performed or required elevated craftsmanship and skill.


Avoid Fouls


Confidential Details and Technical Jargon

Avoid sharing confidential details and overly technical jargon.


Relevance and Focus

Focus on relevant information and omit specific dates. Limit excessive client language to maintain project focus.


Objective and Professional Tone

Stick to objective facts, avoid obvious language, and use precise and professional words. Reserve gratitude for acknowledgments and maintain a professional tone without using first-person pronouns.


By following these guidelines, you can create project descriptions that inform and inspire, showcasing your firm's expertise and commitment to excellence in your proposals. Keep the descriptions succinct to ensure they are easy to read and understand. With this playbook, your proposals will be ready to score the winning goal.

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