We got lost in marshmallow-y thoughts this week thinking of Rice Krispie Treats—September 18th is the national day to celebrate them, after all!


This creamy, sticky, gooey, crunchy bit of deliciousness was first invented in 1939 at the Kellogg company itself, and, since then, have been explored by creative minds from classic to quirky with spinoff recipes and enhancements. The originals are fantastic (homemade or store-bought), but in our own hankerings, we’ve found some truly clever and tempting options.


From femalefoodie, we have “Pizza Jerk Butterscotch Browned Butter & Sea Salt Rice Krispie Treats,” which sure jerked us around, but as one of her most popular recipes with over 700 hearts, we had to take another look. The sweet and salty combination truly never fails.


Then there are the “scotcheroos,” which we know are good! The thick chocolate layer and chewy, peanut-butter butterscotch are truly dangerous together.


AnnaIsTheWorst mixes in fruity pebbles for a smattering of color and leaves some mini marshmallows free in her version, making her pan look very enticing.


And lastly, we found “rice krispie treat bark,” which takes the chewy stickiness of the classic and makes it snappy and—dare we say—krispie. With chocolate, peanut butter, and still no marshmallows left out, we’re itching to try it.


So take a look! Maybe discover some recipes we missed or try experimenting yourself! Or maybe you just want the traditional buttery, marshmallow-y goodness. But sometimes it’s good to enjoy something as fun as rice krispie treats. Celebrate with us today, and maybe with your friends and family too!

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