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Right now, many of us could use a little extra positivity in our lives. We may be worried and trying to manage the stress associated with COVID-19. One way to lift your spirits and keep you going every day might be to download Motivation - Daily quotes, a free app for iPhones. It offers a unique category named “Mental health during COVID-19.” Timely topics such as courage, community, health, and hope provide helpful additions to what you are already doing to take care of your mental health in the face of this uncertainty.


Once the app is downloaded, you’ll answer a few short questions—like what brings you to the app and the number of daily reminders you’d like to receive and when. You can also focus on what things you need the most help with by choosing categories like “finding peace,” “work and productivity,” “building self-confidence,” and “improving relationships.”


MARKETLINK principal Stephanie Craft took interest in the Motivation – Daily quotes app because of a friend who was using it. “I enjoy getting a different thought at the start of every day to give me the right mindset as I get going,” shares Stephanie. “Some of the quotes motivate and remind me of my potential, and others are just uplifting and put a smile on my face at the start of the day.”


Below each quote are four icons that make it easy to save your favorites or share with a friend. “I tap the heart icon to love a quote that really speaks to me so it comes around again,” she recommends.


Smiles are contagious and some days we need help finding those. “We all have good days and bad days,” observes Stephanie. “It’s nice to be reminded of one’s worth on the bad ones—even if it does come from a stranger!”


Beyond the daily motivational reminders (you can set as many as you like), you can also browse hundreds of other quotes in the app library, find book recommendations, and customize your fonts and colors. These resources, Stephanie finds, can be good for things other than just self-motivation—all these tools are a great resource for public speaking as well.


During this time of crisis, it’s good to remember that we are in this together and that help is always available. If you’re feeling alone or struggling, you can reach out to The Crisis Text Line by texting TALK to 741741.


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