Four Uses for Your Most Powerful AEC Organizational Tool


Combine the power of Excel with the convenience and cloud-functionality of Google Sheets, and you’ve got Airtable. Clean, visually appealing, and easy to use, this tool effortlessly links data together across different functions, making it an indispensable database. Our top four uses include:


  1. Create a social media plan. The calendar view allows for the quick creation of a balanced schedule. There are options for multiple views. Grid view with filtration by date makes it easy to track each month separately. Add in all the information you need with fields for content, status, platforms, links, tags, hashtags, media attachments, and more. There can be multiple people responsible for each plan component, uploading their resources in real-time. When it comes time to post, all the needed components are available in one space.


  1. Track blog articles. Whether you create blog articles as part of our social media plan or separately, you’ll find it extremely easy to manage information about topics, tasks, and deadlines. Keep a running list of topics that haven’t yet played out at your fingertips and come prepared to planning meetings.


  1. Track project information and page creation. With the ability to link and attach any needed information such as date and status labels, it’s easy to plan, collect data, and execute those plans. Unlimited share access with assigned roles and limitations allows anyone to update the Airtable according to their task regularly. Articles and project pages can be logged, sorted, and filtered according to status and date of creation to easily find planned, drafted, or published materials.


  1. Manage photography. As part of your project information and page creation base, it’s easy to add information about photography needed, in process, and complete. It’s also easy to create a view of the specific information you need to send to your photographer – address, contact person, notes on views required.


All in all, Airtable allows for everything needed to be collected, sorted, and analyzed, linking together resources and media without overcomplicating the planning space. Airtable can be sorted on a broader scale with different tabs and views, or down to the finest detail in its sophisticated filtration system. On top of it all, its site includes detailed tutorials to get everyone quickly up to speed. While its capabilities are robust, it can be as simple as necessary.

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