Search Engine Land’s SEO Periodic Table

Search engine optimization (SEO) seems like alchemy to the uninitiated. A complex network of interlocking factors, it takes more than simply good content to get a firm's expertise out there for viewing. Luckily, every small step in SEO increases the likelihood of firm exposure, so the only way to go is up. All of the following is built to guide your firm toward success factors and best practices, and away from potential pitfalls, as you build the framework for your SEO strategy. 


SEO periodic table



Content draws both website traffic and a genuine interest in your firm. Establishing expertise, communication, and know-how is critical for clients and search engines, the latter of which values your content higher the more you build legitimacy.


 Marketlink SEO Periodic Table Content Quality Blog

Qu: Quality
Weight Ranking: +5

Pages must be well written and have substantial quality.

 Marketlink SEO Periodic Table Content Research Blog

Rs: Research
Weight Ranking: +4

Discover keywords people may use to find your content.

 Marketlink SEO Periodic Table Content Answers Blog

An: Answers
Weight Ranking: +4

Create content that can be turned into answers in the SERP.

 Marketlink SEO Periodic Table Content Depth Blog copy

Dt: Depth
Weight Ranking: +3

Shallow content fails. Aim for substance.

 Marketlink SEO Periodic Table Content Keywords Blog

Kw: Keywords
Weight Ranking: +3

Build target keywords into your pages.

 Marketlink SEO Periodic Table Content Freshness Blog

Fr: Freshness
Weight Ranking: +3

Create timely content; refresh or retire stagnant pages.

 Marketlink SEO Periodic Table Content Multimedia Blog

Mm: Multimedia
Weight Ranking: +3

Images, video, and audio can set your content apart.




Your website must be comprehensive—this helps both search engines and potential clients/users. Navigable content is accessible and organized for everyone, including bots.



Cr: Crawl
Weight Ranking: +5

Search engines must be able to easily crawl your pages.


Mo: Mobile First
Weight Ranking: +4

Optimize for smartphone and tablets. 


St: Structure
Weight Ranking: +4

Make sure the page’s structure is easy for both users and bots to understand. 


Pr: Parity
Weight Ranking: +4

Parity between mobile and desktop experiences. 


Ur: URLs
Weight Ranking: +3

Build keywords into your page addresses.


Dd: Duplicates
Weight Ranking: +3

Be smart. Use SEO standards and redirects. 


Sp: Speed
Weight Ranking: +3

Your site should load quickly on any device, ready for user interaction.


Weight Ranking: +1

HTTPS ensures security for website visitors. 



Minutia is crucial, too, or else your new content slips through the cracks or seems too obscure to grab and maintain interest.



Tt: Titles
Weight Ranking: +5

Build keywords into your titles. 


Sc: Schema
Weight Ranking: +4

Structured data and schema can turn data into enhanced listings. 


Hd: Headings
Weight Ranking: +3

Build keywords into your headers and subheaders. 


Cls: Content Shift
Weight Ranking: +2

Minimal content shift upon page load improves user experience. 


Ds: Descriptions
Weight Ranking: +2

Meta tags should describe what pages are about. 


Alt: Image Alt
Weight Ranking: +1

Alt text for images improves accessibility and image SEO.



We know reputation is important in real life, but is it even a thing for search engines? Yes! Search engines rank content by what it deems worthy through established criteria. That way, users searching through their engine are able to find content that is beneficial. Likewise, your content needs to reflect authority in order for search engines to recognize it as useful, and thus allow your content to rise in potential searches.



Ex: Expertise
Weight Ranking: +5

Expertise shows that you have the knowledge to be a thought leader on a given topic. 


Au: Authority
Weight Ranking: +5

Authority is everything. Capitalize on links, shares, and other signals.


Tr: Trust
Weight Ranking: +4

Established sites that have operated the same way for years carry weight. 




Internal links make sense, but why would you want to link away from your own content? Believe it or not, linking your content to a greater network naturally boosts your authority and reputation. Not only that, but regardless of SEO technicalities, legitimizing your authority helps real people trust you, too. Links are more important than you might realize.



Lq: Link Quality
Weight Ranking: +5

Seek links from trusted, quality websites. 


Ac: Anchors
Weight Ranking: +4

Link anchor text words should be relevant to the destination URL of the link. 


Qt: Quantity
Weight Ranking: +2

The more high-quality links, the better.





We all have target audiences, and we need to cater to them while still maintaining our brand, authority, and professionalism. Doing so and creating specific content with refined intent allows search engines to properly categorize and boost your site. 



Ux: User Experience
Weight Ranking: +4

Does your site have a user experience that makes your users want to come back and read more?


It: Intent
Weight Ranking: +4

Consider why someone is conducting a specific search. 


Ly: Locality
Weight Ranking: +3

Consider the region of your searcher and create experiences for them.


Cy: Country
Weight Ranking: +2

Consider the country of your searcher, create experiences for them.


Eg: Engagement
Weight Ranking: +2

Visitors should spend time with your pages, not bounce. 




 There are factors to watch out for and avoid, and safeties that ought to be put in place to prevent negative impacts. Be careful, responsible, and aware.



Cl: Cloaking
Weight Ranking: -5

Don’t show the engines different content than you’re showing searchers.


Sc: Schemes
Weight Ranking: -4

Buying links, spamming blogs, and so on are tactics that can get you penalized.


Bc: Bad Content
Weight Ranking: -4

Google punishes automated/generated content, scraped content, and doorway pages. 


Mb: Malicious Behavior
Weight Ranking: -4

Phishing, trojans, malware, and hacking will get you kicked out of the index.


Sf: Stuffing
Weight Ranking: -3

Don’t be excessive with packing keywords into your copy. 


Hi: Hiding
Weight Ranking: -3

Obfuscating your keywords is a spam tactic. 


Ar: Piracy
Weight Ranking: -2

Hosting stolen content can get you flagged. 


Iv: Intrusiveness
Weight Ranking: -2

Ad-heavy content, intrusive interstitials are a bad idea. 




The greater internet is not necessarily a firm's goal. Catering to local targets and anchoring a firm into relevant networks ensures your content is accessible to the correct and desired people. 



Gmb: Google My Business
Weight Ranking: +5

A Google My Business listing is required to get found on the local map. 


Lc: Locations
Weight Ranking: +5

The searcher’s location plays into what results show up in a local search. 


Ci: Citations
Weight Ranking: +3

Citations show search engines you’re a real business. 


Nap: NAP
Weight Ranking: +3

Name, address, and phone number must be consistent across all digital citations. 


Rv: Reviews
Weight Ranking: +3

There is a direct correlation between the number and quality of reviews and local SEO rankings. 




There are nuances to publishing your content that can boost your SEO and serve to your benefit. Explore peripheral options and use the greater tools at your disposal. 



Ts: Top Stories
Weight Ranking: +4

Optimizing your site to show in Top Stories can be a goldmine of organic traffic for publishers.


Dc: Discover
Weight Ranking: +4

Google’s Discover field personalizes news for readers. This means more qualified website visitors. 


Av: Archives
Weight Ranking: +3

A strong, well-optimized archive acts as a content pillar/category. 


Ir: Image Required
Weight Ranking: +3

Every page is required to include at least one image. Images should be at least 1200px wide if the height is 800px. 


Fs: Flexible Sampling
Weight Ranking: +2

If your news is subscription only, experiment with metering and lead-ins. 

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