Marketing Madness: AEC Edition - Sweet Sixteen Marketing Evaluation Questions

Is your marketing program ready for the Sweet Sixteen? Take this quick quiz to evaluate your approach and slam dunk your goals!

Marketing Strategy

  1. Do we have a documented marketing plan?
  2. Do we evaluate our marketing performance regularly?

Business and Client Development

  1. Do we have a strong client mix (75% existing, 25% new)?
  2. Do we actively participate in client-oriented organizations?
  3. Do our principals actively engage in client development?

Market Research

  1. Do we regularly conduct market research?
  2. Do we use our findings to inform our strategic direction?

Public Relations

  1. Does our targeted public relations program generate leads?
  2. Do we have a social media presence that drives visits to the website?
  3. Do we regularly update our website and social media platforms?

Staff Training

  1. Do we invest in a formal marketing training program for all staff?

Marketing Collateral/Materials

  1. Are our marketing materials updated, readily available, and easy to assemble?
  2. Are they tailored to our target markets and client-specific issues?

Proposals and Presentations

  1. Is our proposal production process streamlined?
  2. Does our technical staff focus on writing project-specific content during the proposal stage?
  3. Do we prioritize strategy, approach, and impactful content during the presentation stage?


Keep an eye out for more MARKETING MADNESS tips and tricks. If you are ready to take your AEC marketing to the Championship, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and see how we can help you win!

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