Making Connections: Unlocking the Power of Links in SEO for the AEC Industry

Nov 29 2023

Based on the SEO Periodic Table Developed by Search Engine Land


When it comes to forming valuable industry connections, links are our digital handshakes. Google has confirmed that they're key players in the field of search rankings. For years, Google has been refining its systems, increasingly focusing on site relevance and content over the mere quantity of links. But don't be fooled, while the game has changed a bit, links still take a leading role on the stage of SEO.


Recognize the Importance of Links


Just like in any networking event, your circle of influence matters online. The extent of your connections and the reputation of those you're linked to significantly affect how others perceive and trust your services. Strategic linking makes your digital presence even more dynamic and influential.


Ensure Link Quality


Attention to detail is a mark of any AEC professional—your links should reflect that level of precision too. Citing your sources with links isn’t just about fueling the SEO machine; it's about asserting your authority as a reliable voice in the field. Think of it as a professional reference—it will only elevate your reputation if the source is credible.


Just as you'd only refer someone to a top-notch professional service, ensuring the quality and relevance of your links reflects positively on you. Similarly, connecting your expertise with industry thought leaders, validating the quality of their sites, and linking to them, churns the wheels of the SEO engine for both you and them.


Create Descriptive Anchor Text


In writing, we value clarity and brevity—this principle also holds true for anchor text. Anchor text—the highlighted words users click on—should provide a clear, accurate picture of what they'll discover on the other side of that click. If you're guiding them to a page, let's make sure they know where they're headed. A well-crafted anchor text is succinct, relevant, and contains keywords that reflect the content of the linked page.


Maintain Link Quantity 


In the pursuit of quality, let’s not forget the value of quantity. Consider reciprocity as the golden rule of linking. Encourage high-quality sites to link to your site and show the same courtesy in return. Whether you're citing sources, linking to insightful external content, or referencing your own content, a steady stream of quality links can lead to a rewarding tide of visibility and reputation enhancement.


In essence, links serve as influential factors in the SEO landscape that, while not capable of single-handedly determining your ranking, substantially enhance your authority and relevancy in the digital arena. By carefully managing the quality and quantity of your links, and by crafting accurate, engaging anchor text, you're not just improving your SEO—you’re reinforcing your role as an authoritative and reliable source within the AEC industry.

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