Guidance for AEC Marketing Coordinators


Marketing coordinators, you are critical to the public relations process. Before the planning can begin, you’ll need to do the research that will help determine the best tactics for moving forward. Once the plan is finalized, it’s time to create a calendar that will help your firm meet the objectives and tactics you’ve laid out to implement the plan. And when it comes to carrying out the tactics, you’ll be front and center – working with technical staff to learn more about their projects, writing project descriptions and press releases.



Research is a significant component in creating a detailed public relations plan, and marketing coordinators are skilled at reviewing and compiling data.

Here are three areas you’ll want to pursue:


  • Create a master media list. Call and get editorial calendars, contact information, and submittal requirements for targeted media outlets. Organize by market sector.
  • Create a list of all client-oriented associations in which the firm would like to participate. Remember to target at least one in each target market sector. Gather contact information, conference dates, meeting dates, membership rates, and sponsorship opportunities and rates.
  • Research all awards programs that target your various market sectors. Gather contact information, registration dates, submittal dates, and award recognition dates.


To create the plan, the firm will sort through all the acquired data and choose what will bring the most value.


Create a public relations calendar with dates, costs, and assigned personnel for each chosen activity and/or event for the year. Include conferences, speaking engagements, website, social media promotion, press releases, publications, and award submissions. Use this calendar as a key element of your marketing meetings. Plan at least two months in advance.


Implementation is key and your role in this process is crucial. Often, public relations efforts get put on the back burner due to proposal efforts and other deadline-oriented needs. Make it a priority to consider the public relations efforts to be just as important. Help your entire marketing team stay on track for success.


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