Give a Hoot About Your Time with Hootsuite 


AEC marketers, are you tired of the endless slog from Facebook to Twitter, over to Instagram, on to YouTube, and then finally stumbling onto Pinterest? Have you tried Hootsuite? It is the tool to save you time and energy as you keep your AEC firm engaged with your customers on social media.


But what does the Hootsuite...pardon the pun, “suite” have to offer?


Publisher gives users a tool to create a unified message. Instead of trying to remember that carefully-crafted post or copying and pasting across the different channels, users can keep their messaging on cue and even crop images and links to better fit the different platforms.


Planner allows users to schedule social media posts ahead of time. Using it can allow businesses to hold firm to their brand or experiment with different messaging over a period of time.


Streams lets users effortlessly like, post, and reply across platforms. With all the platforms in one easily accessible location, users can save tons of time as well as the hassle of navigating various user interfaces.


Finally, Analytics shows users what posts are engaging and what needs work. Visualizations are simple to understand while still accurately and succinctly detailing how your social media is doing.


With a bevy of features and convenience galore, quit spending all that energy and time jumping from platform to platform - get on Hootsuite.


Hootsuite offers a free plan for individuals – one user and three or fewer linked social media accounts. A 30-day trial is available for all other options.

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