We’ve been there.


Double-booking important meetings one over the other; an endless stream of notifications from a group text trying to coordinate a schedule to fit everyone’s needs; trying to get everyone to decide on where to go out to eat. What to do to save some precious time AND come to the right decision?


Simple solution? Just Doodle.


Doodle allows users to schedule meetings seamlessly or choose their favorite options in a group without the back and forth of a group text. Create a poll of available days/times then send it off to other participants to pick the times that work best for them. Once everyone has submitted or the deadline arrives, the poll ends and the results go back to the creator. The perfect choice is ready and waiting.


“I can just set a scheduling poll and go,” says Stephanie Craft, MARKETLINK Principal. “When the poll is done, we’ve got a meeting on the calendar.” Stephanie appreciates the relief from keeping track of everyone’s schedule before deciding a time. She also loves that only the poll creator needs the app for Doodle to function; no more trying to convince everyone to add another app to the phone.


With a free 14-day trial, anyone can take advantage of all of Doodle’s features before ever having to spend a dime. Available for Android and iOS, make those time-wasting scheduling problems a thing of the past with Doodle. Make meetings with your marketing, business development, architecture, engineering and construction colleagues a breeze with Doodle.

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