Three Ways to Use Airtable 

Imagine a software that combines the power of Excel with the convenience and cloud-functionality of Google Sheets. On top of that, this tool effortlessly links data together, making it an indispensable database. That’s Airtable.

Here are our top three ways to use this powerful tool:

  1. Building a social media plan. Building out your social media content in Airtable means that with a mere click, you can visualize that same data in a calendar view or even a Kanban view for those who want to push content through approval stages.
  2. Tracking networking/client relationships. This tool makes databases sleek and easy on the eyes. Utilizing links between tables, you could keep one table for active projects, one for your clients, one for organizations, and then link them all together with a few clicks of the mouse. No complex formulas or hyperlinks required.
  3. Assigning and completing tasks. Functions like the Kanban view, attachment field, and color coding keep tasks and completed projects organized and in one place. Plus, Airtable is an easy communication tool. Tag a co-worker in Airtable and they’ll receive a notification via email or push notification.

Airtable is (nearly) infinitely customizable, so if your brain can dream it, you can probably set it up. Oh, and did we mention the basic plan is free? We’re impressed.

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