Game Plan 2024: Strategic Marketing in the AEC Industry


Welcome to 2024 at MARKETLINK, where our strategic marketing theme, “Game Plan,” is set to make a significant impact in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry. This year, we’re focusing on helping you hone your coaching skills as well as providing you with the resources to increase your individual talents. We want to help you leverage the unique skill sets of your team members to build a stronger, more cohesive unit. 


Our approach is not only to model sticking to a well-crafted plan but also show how to remain agile, ready to adapt to market and competitor changes. Here’s what you can expect in the coming year.


January’s Full-Court Press for AEC Client Relations


Prepare for a deep dive into intense and comprehensive client engagement strategies in the AEC sector. Our goal is to make every client interaction meaningful, fostering long-term relationships and trust. By applying a full-court press approach, we aim to fully understand and meet our clients’ needs, ensuring they feel valued and prioritized.


February: Level the Playing Field with AEC Public Relations


We focus on coaching you to create equal opportunities for your firm by elevating your known presence in the AEC marketplace. It’s about ensuring that every AEC firm, big or small, has a fair chance to establish a strong public image. This month is dedicated to strategies that elevate your firm and create a more balanced, competitive landscape.


Put on your Game Face in March: AEC Branding, Collateral Development 


March is all about presenting the ideal public image of your AEC company. We’ll be working on developing branding and collateral that truly represent the values and strengths of our clients. It’s time for AEC companies to put on their game face, showcasing their best to the world.


April’s Home Field Advantage: Your AEC Website


In April, we emphasize the importance of a well-developed website, the primary hosting space for the company’s audience. Our focus is on creating engaging, informative, and user-friendly AEC websites that serve as a digital home field, attracting and retaining clients.


May’s Halftime Show is All About AEC Marketing Organization


May is our period of reflection and reassessment. Just like halftime in a game, we take a step back to review our strategies and performance, making necessary adjustments to ensure the second half of the year is even more successful with your AEC marketing and business development efforts.


Knock it Out of the Park with AEC Proposals in June


This month, we concentrate on crafting AEC proposals that surpass expectations in outcomes and performance. It's about creating proposals that not only meet the requirements but also demonstrate creativity and deep understanding, leaving a lasting impression.


July: Do your AEC Presentations and Interviews Make the Cut?


July is dedicated to mastering the art of AEC presentations and interviews. Our goal is for our clients to not just participate but to stand out, resulting in selection or being shortlisted after their presentations. It's about fine-tuning presentation skills and strategies to make the cut in every opportunity.


Get into the Fan Zone of AEC Social Media in August


Social media is our focus for August. We aim to build and interact with a community of followers, turning social media platforms into a fan zone. Social media should engage with AEC audiences in a meaningful way, creating content that resonates and fosters loyalty.


September: Keeping Your Eye on the Ball in AEC Business Development and Market Research


September is all about maintaining focus on business development and market research objectives. We delve into strategies that ensure our clients keep their eye on the ball, staying focused and undistracted by external noise.


Cover Your Bases for AEC Strategic Planning in October


This month, we cover all bases in AEC strategic planning. We consider all potential issues and opportunities, developing every aspect of the marketing plan so it is well thought out and addresses the diverse needs of the AEC industry.


November’s AEC Training & Coaching—Go to Bat


November is about supporting and advocating for our team members’ development. We go to bat for them, providing training and coaching that enhances their skills and prepares them for the challenges and opportunities in the AEC industry.


Take a Victory Lap in December with a Year-End Review


As we close the year, December is our victory lap. It's a time to celebrate our achievements, review our successes and learnings, and prepare for another game-changing year ahead.


At MARKETLINK, we're committed to providing strategic marketing guidance that resonates with architectural, engineering, and construction firms. Our Game Plan for 2024 is designed to tackle each aspect of AEC marketing with precision, expertise, and a winning strategy. Let's make this year a remarkable one!


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