First impressions are critical in taking a prospect to a client. Lasting impressions are critical in keeping clients coming back. Are your social media and website having the desired impact? We've outlined five steps to ensure they do.


  1. Create a list of keywords to incorporate into your website and social media. “Localize” the words to specific target locations.
  2. Incorporate keywords into your content creation plan. Hold a brainstorming session to establish keyword themes for each month for both website and social media content. Consider target markets, project types, corporate values, etc.
  3. Hold a planning session for social media and website posts two months in advance. Include key technical staff. Make content educational to your client base.
  4. Create graphic standards for social media and website posts.
  5. BONUS: Run Google Analytics reports and track throughout the year. Base these reports on keyword rankings and competitor rankings as you incorporate new focused content. Is it making a difference?


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