You know that the easiest way to get work is with existing clients, but do you know if your existing clients would hire you again? To be effective in obtaining any new business, it’s important to know what clients think about your organization.


Here are four weekly activities for Client Relations, plus a bonus activity! Bookmark or print this page. And be sure to follow us on social media, where we will share the weekly activities.

Client Relations activities are meant to further enhance your relationships with existing clients.

  1. Create a list of top clients. Gather a list of your top revenue-generating clients and the clients that you want to work with repeatedly.
  2. Create a list of client questions. Create questions you would want to ask your top clients on a regular basis regarding your firm’s performance.
  3. Schedule a Client Perception Survey. Create a schedule to have a neutral person call your clients once or twice a year to check in your firm’s performance.
  4. Create a follow-up process. Create a process to follow-up with technical staff on changes that need to be made based on your clients’ feedback and to close the loop with the client.
  5. BONUS: Take stock of your firm's culture of client service. How do you rate in terms of accessibility, responsiveness, follow-through, attention, and recovery? Brainstorm your company's client service mantra.


Have questions, or can we give you some help to complete these activities? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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