In recent months, marketing and business development in the A/E/C industry has been turned upside down. Our normal opportunities to gather at industry events, conference rooms, lunch meetings, golf outings, and other means have been postponed. It has left us scrambling to find ways to connect with our existing and potential clients in unique and creative ways.


Fortunately, this month's Business Development tasks are all about the due diligence behind the networking. These activities will help you maintain and expand your network, and stay relevant and present with clients. This month. focus on lead gathering, qualifying, and custom outreach.


  1. Review your top target client list from January, where the focus was client relations. Segment/update the list to include the top ten target clients by market sector.
  2. Fill out the Harvey Mackay 66-question profile for each of these individuals.
  3. What else do you need to know? Develop a master list of information-gathering questions. Brainstorm with staff on questions that will help them better understand their clients.
  4. Devise a 12-Contact Plan for each target. Don’t forget that it takes 12 contacts (touches) to create a customer. Create and begin to implement your plan.
  5. BONUS: Hold a brown bag session and have your firm’s Business Development Champions perform a “cold call” on speakerphone in front of the group. Take notes and learn!


Additional sources:

Keri Hammond's guest article for SMPS Utah, Six Tips for Today's Business Development

Stephanie Craft's book review for Harvey B. MacKay's Swim with the Sharks

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