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Presenting is crucial to gaining business in the AEC world. Take advantage of a captive audience by following these six topics for a successful presentation.



Address the audience and thank them for the opportunity to present. Although it may seem counterintuitive, this is not the point where you introduce your team members. Instead, use it as a chance to catch your bearings on the crowd size and the mechanics of the presentation.


Key Issues

This is the point where you outline the project as a whole. Use statements of what is essential to making the project a success. It is vital that you know client issues to highlight them during this part of the presentation. Highlighting these issues gives the audience a chronological, mental outline to follow as well.



Here’s the part where you introduce the team. Show off the organizational chart and the team structure. Explain why you chose these specific members to be part of this team and why they are the best fits to work with this specific client. It is important that you sell your team hard, as they will be working with the client during every waking hour.



How does your previous work relate to the current project at hand? Consider this your oral resume: Being able to talk about how your experience translates to a potential client and project is worth a listen.


Project Approach

Here is the point where you deliver a detailed plan on how to deliver solutions to the client’s key issues. Showcase your project approach with site photos, renderings, concept art, etc. As this will be the bulk of the presentation, there is plenty of time to revisit some of the earlier points like the team and the company’s experience as it relates to the current project. Use each point to show what you will do for the client.


Why Choose Us?

What will you provide that your competitors will not? What are the advantages you provide the client? Sum it all up by letting the client know exactly why they should choose you.

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