Meet our Guest Specialist: Beth Fillerup, Social Media Consultant


As an independent contractor who has worked with a number of clients in the AEC industry, Beth Fillerup knows what it takes to sharpen the social media tools at her disposal.


“I love the ability to find and dispel information across widely disparate mediums,” she states. Each is useful in its own way. For example: Twitter works as a text-oriented news source, Facebook is a great starting point with lots of analytic tools, LinkedIn is a must for targeting professionals, and Instagram places emphasis on graphics.


Beth loves the challenge of starting a new social media program with a client. She recommends a strategy session to determine which platforms are most useful for you and your audience, and then decide the number you are comfortable with. “Don’t spread yourself too thin,” she advises. “Be sure you can commit to several months’ worth of content, because it takes time to build an audience and see your return on investment.”


For her, recreating the wheel every month is inefficient. She suggests a consistent process with rigorous procedures. Start by creating a rotating calendar of 6-12 topics, such as your company’s services or market sectors, that can act as a theme for a given month. Determine your ideal number of weekly posts, and invest in branded, eye-catching graphic templates.


Beth wants business owners and marketers to incorporate social media as part of their company culture. “Showing off your employees and your work can create a connection with the audience and ultimately bring in business. Create a company culture that encourages engaging with and sharing your company posts.”


Social media planning, in conjunction with the company’s overall strategy, ensures that your brand is regularly being communicated to your target audiences. For those that stick with a plan, it’s gratifying to review the monthly analysis and see the long-term benefits.

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