It’s Vital! Graphic Design + Branding + Social Media = Recipe for Success

Mar 19 2019

Meet our Guest Specialist: Jade Donaghy, Graphic Designer


Growing up, Jade Donaghy was the quiet kid who was into art, comic books, and drawing. Although she started as an illustration major at university, she soon realized she was more interested in the visuals of advertising and digital marketing. While perusing the Sunday paper, colorful print ads for Target and Hy-Vee caught her eye. Jade decided then and there that graphic design was the path for her.


“I enjoy routine, but I’m also easily bored when I’m not challenged, and graphic design satisfies both of those desires,” explains Jade. “Like a true nerd,” she enjoys discovering and collecting new typefaces, and her favorites are always rotating.


While Jade has designed for several companies in the AEC industry, she designs for other industries as well. “The industries I work for may be wildly different, but my creative process is similar,” Jade says. Her goal as a graphic designer? To create something visually appealing that still communicates an idea, a service, or a product, while focusing on brand recognition. “It’s art, but with a commercial purpose.”


Jade draws inspiration from all over the place. From clever billboards to magazine ads to bumper stickers, she’s always on the lookout for something eye-catching and clever.


Jade has fun creating social media graphics, which provide her a very different creative outlet from print materials. “Social media graphics are the perfect excuse for professional companies to have fun and be clever,” smiles Jade. She knows that when someone is scrolling through their social feed, you may only have a split-second to capture their attention, so it’s all about those eye-catching visuals. “It’s vital!” she exclaims, “Graphic design + branding + social media = recipe for success.”

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