Successful firms invest in their staff by providing training in a variety of topics to build a strong marketing mentality. 


Arming your staff with the right tools is the key for mutual success. Training is a crucial element in that formula and will keep your overall plan on target.


  1. Gather a list of training topics requested by your firm’s staff. Send a survey to the entire staff and/or hold a brainstorming brown bag session to get ideas of where your staff needs additional marketing or business development training and guidance.
  2. Plan a mentoring program utilizing your technical staff. Brainstorm a list of marketing and business development skill strengths for each of your valuable technical staff members. Consider these professionals for a mentor/coaching session to assist other staff members.
  3. Create a calendar of monthly training topics using in-house staff, industry colleagues, consultants or online training resources. Schedule staff to attend.
  4. Develop a marketing training resource library. Gather input from industry colleagues, SMPS, and other industry resources regarding various educational resources. This could include books, webinars, manuals, podcasts, etc. Create a library for your staff to have as a tool on various topics.
  5. BONUS: Implement a “Marketing University” training program.
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