From kick-off meeting to shortlist interview, winning proposals demand a specific, individual strategy. A defined proposal strategy includes developing a strategic team, positioning before the submittal, and developing a proposal and interview theme that sets you apart and communicates your differences. Are you strategically pursuing projects?


  1. Make an appointment to review proposals at client agencies. Include both public and private client entities. Evaluate the pros and cons of your competitors’ proposals.
  2. Hold an internal proposal review session at your office. Invite key technical staff. Devise a list of strengths and areas of improvement for proposal production, content, and design.
  3. Create infographics for proposal sections. Review some of your standard firm process language. Is it text heavy? Create an infographic for three process descriptions that can be used to enhance your proposal and convey your message in a more simple and visual way.
  4. Video an upcoming presentation rehearsal. Have staff watch and give constructive feedback to the team.
  5. BONUS: Brainstorm a list of typical questions asked during interviews. Make a master list of questions to be used during interview prep/rehearsal sessions.
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