Effective marketing materials will communicate your firm's strengths and advantages, giving support to your technical staff when meeting with clients and in developing capture strategies.

  1. Hold a “pull-apart party” with marketing staff. Gather all key writing elements that have not been included in your master marketing materials and add/edit/refine those sections.
  2. Update all resumes. Send each staff member their resume to update. Schedule a brown bag session where they can have lunch and update as a group so it gets accomplished! Plan to do this quarterly or bi-annually.
  3. Update project pages. Hold another brown bag and have technical staff pick three new project pages that need to be created, edited and/or updated. Have the project team brainstorm content during this session.
  4. Create a list of photography needs for the next 12 months. Get estimates from photographers. Consider people, process, and project photo needs.
  5. BONUS: Add a “benefit to client” statement to key project pages.
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